Kaleidoscope Color Mix 3x4

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One of our best sellers at Art Box, the Kaleidoscope Collection was created in our create-your-own candle studio in Ogden, UT. Gathering and recycling the broken pieces of wax left behind by candle makers at our studio, we crafted a unique process that resulted in vibrant works of art that reminded us of the beauty found in a kaleidoscope.

Metaphorically these candles represent multiple reflections of hope and possibilities that can translate to one's life, and represents what Art Box stands for; finding beauty in all of life's colorful pieces.  Each candle in this collection is unique and one of a kind.  Currently available in a tall 3x9 size or a short 3x4 size and you can choose from an assortment of solid colors, or a color mix within a candle.  Contact us if you would like custom sizes or colors made.