Zoom Candlemaking

Zoom with Us!


Imagine the fun of gathering friends and family that you may not have been able to spend time with recently and share in some laughs and refreshments, all while you participate in creating together!  That's the power of a Zoom Candle Call!  The possibilities are as endless as all the decorations we have at Art Box.

As the host, you can select from the Candle Bouquet choices on our website, or we can personalize one uniquely for your group and the event you may be gathering for.  Perhaps it's the year a group of girlfriends is turning 40 and there is a need to celebrate; or a memory of a trip you took to Paris in the spring and you want to relive it.  At Art Box, we have hundreds of decorations that can create a mini-scene to represent the memories.  During the zoom call, we will build the candle right in front of everyone's eyes, creating your very own unique masterpiece!  Each guest will have the opportunity to select their own colors and fragrance for an exact replica of the masterpiece.  After the gathering has concluded, Art Box will create a personal candle for each guest and ship the memories made from your one-of-a-kind candle so each of you will have it to enjoy. 

You invite the group and provide us with the guest list and we will make it happen!

Visit our "Contact Us" page or fill in the contact form under Virtual Candlemaking and we will get in touch with you and get a Zoom Party set up for you!  Or give us at call at the shop at 801-675-1078. Zoom!