A Memory Candle Story

Today, January 19, 2021, marks the 15th anniversary of my son's passing. I wish I could say that I have experienced the expression that "time heals," however, I have come to accept that he is forever with me, and this brings me peace. For the past 14 years on this anniversary, I have lit a candle I made using the flower petals saved from his memorial gathering. 

The magic within this yearly ritual is that each cherished candle seems to recharge me with their light. These Memory Candles were made at my first candle studio "Pure Light," a shop I had created in his memory with the vision that candle light and creativity would hold a space and the light for all of our loved ones and the very real occasions and milestones life brings our way.

At Art Box, we celebrate this same vision and we love hearing the stories that continue to be shared in celebration of life - anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, friendships, and so much more. My son has always inspired me, even after he crossed over. It was through him that the Candle Bouquet style of candle making was born at Pure Light fourteen years ago. Fifteen years later he continues to inspire me. This year, when I lit the candle to bathe in the light with him and feel his presence, the thought came to me that perhaps others would also like to experience this on the anniversary of their life's journeys with their own "Memory Candle" filled with their own dried flower petals.

So, today on this 15th anniversary, the Memory Candle is born.  Whether from your wedding, a loved ones memorial, a child's birth, or get well wishes, we can create a Memory Candle with your cherished dried flower petals to honor the many memories in your life and keep the light burning strong.